Productivity Level: Beard


Person No.1: “Be productive”
Popular Business Website: “Upskill yourself”
Person No.2: “Pursue a hobby”
George: “Wake up before 11 AM”

It is safe to assume that you have heard some version of these lines during these trying times. Some of us have chosen to do that, why not learn something new especially since the global economy itself has tanked. If it helps one to hold on to the job or even better – get a better hike; its definitely worth it.

Now there is the second group of people who are having fun, relaxing a bit more. Making Instagram Stories/Videos, TikTok videos, books, games, feed someone else’s dog and say it’s a stray on social media, etc. anything to maintain sanity.


People need to understand that it is completely okay not to be productive or learn a new skill. Just try to be comfortable and come out of this with a healthy mind and that would be the achievement. There is a pandemic and it is okay not to learn a new programming language or develop a workout routine, or follow some cooking challenge on Instagram.

That brings me to the main topic- ME.

I for one have tried to learn something, increase my value in the job market so that I can buy more happiness. It didn’t work after week one because I am very determined on giving up things halfway. But if you are keen on learning some SQL or anything similar then do check out Datacamp and Coding Academy. I found them to be very helpful for whatever it is worth.

Our minds at times find it hard to focus and fixate on one goal, it wanders around like a butterfly. So then I decide to be fit.
Must come out of this with a fitter and leaner body. Alas, the large number of chips I have hoarded decided to be my first enemy in this task. Then my mum, who wants me to be a chubby man for whatever demented reasoning she has. She has been sweet enough to keep up my increasing tummy with cakes and biryani. 


I have decided that I will grow a beard. It is something I have tried to do and failed miserably due to obvious natural reasons, now this period is my moment of truth to know if I can grow a beard or not. Simple. Now, this is what I would be doing during this period of lockdown, all I need is faith in my facial hair and probably the right genes.

Till next year, it’s time for me to get to one my most dreaded ways of killing time – stare at food in Swiggy which I can not order.

And for my readers here is a unique business idea for you to profit : Moonshine. Go Be Rich :S



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