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I should write it all down. That’s what is required, there is no point in asking why or how do I know that, I will not tell. Maybe I can share something with you, so you can understand what sort of person I am. I am someone who likes butter chicken. Maybe Cookies. Is that an overshare? Regardless now that you know everything about me, it’s time for us to move on to what matters. You...

Productivity Level: Beard


Person No.1: “Be productive”Popular Business Website: “Upskill yourself”Person No.2: “Pursue a hobby”George: “Wake up before 11 AM”It is safe to assume that you have heard some version of these lines during these trying times. Some of us have chosen to do that, why not learn something new especially since the global economy itself has tanked. If it...

Navigating through Chaos


If you are one of the lucky few ones whose life in interesting and the mundane aspects doesn’t seem to impact you in any way, then save yourself some time and watch this instead. I, for one, find it challenging to navigate through the chaos thrown into my life regularly.  From my personal experience, I have realized that it’s good to have goals –short term. Long term goals will...

Let There Be No 500-1000


Warning – Poor Formatting, shabby work and probably a waste of your time. Thanks for clicking, though.  It’s not every year that the government of our country does something so daring and bold which leaves the whole nation shocked (well most of us anyways). This was quite the case at my home on Wednesday night, maybe a bit more relaxed than the ones who have hoards of unaccountable...

My Xiaomi Mi4 Adventure


It’s been a bit more than a year since I have been using the Mi4 by Xiaomi. I am going to write about my experience with the product since people are reluctant to trust the brand which might be helpful for someone confused about reaching an opinion. This isn’t a review of the phone. A Hot Phone. After a few weeks of usage and losing the excitement of the new device I realised that...


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