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If you are one of the lucky few ones whose life in interesting and the mundane aspects doesn’t seem to impact you in any way, then save yourself some time and watch this instead. I, for one, find it challenging to navigate through the chaos thrown into my life regularly. 

From my personal experience, I have realized that it’s good to have goals –short term. Long term goals will give you a direction to move towards in life and with making certain key decisions. Yet, what is the point if you aren’t able to sustain yourself in a healthy manner each month?

Perspective. If I can change my perspective and look forward to little things and be excited about certain aspects, it helps me move ahead as well as provide me with happiness. Productivity is not compromised and I am rarely dragged down when I am having a belief that I am doing this so I can reach the minor point X. It can even be as trivial as buying something or reaching a target. The path to that would be these everyday chaos thrown at you. As long as you keep pushing, it will be worth it provided that the goals you have set are satisfactory for you. 

What brings you happiness? Is it food? sleep? music? hentai? reading conspiracy theories? Doesn’t matter as long as you know it’s impact and consequences. Focus on that. Positiveness will help you to be more productive and patient in life. This is something I have been following for a while now, and now I am considering myself to be an expert on this matter like how everyone does on the Internet. 

Quick Tip- Sleep. It always improves your mood and recharges you.

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