Who are You living for?


I have always wondered,by whose standard and for whom do we all live for? Try asking that question and see what’s the answer you get. If it’s “Me”, “Myself”, “God” or “Cats/Unicorns” then I have nothing else to tell and you should make better use of your time than continuing to read this post ( Buy an Indie Game from Steam).


But if you are one of those people who live for others and want to see everyone around you happy and is willing to give up something to make that happen then continue.   Let me tell you that I too used to/or maybe still am in this category. But I realized it’s useless, no matter what you won’t be truly happy. I used to be depressed and thought that I was good for nothing and it reached a point where I started making jokes and tried to make others  laugh, it reached another point where I couldn’t get happiness unless it’s seen in others, it seems so noble and nice. It’s not. I missed out on a lot, I gave up a lot. I always had to give up stuff and put my needs in the low priority list to make sure that others were happy. But I recently happened to come to stumble on an problem where I actually had to think a lot about whom I should I actually care for, I then realized that aside from the momentary satisfaction I have never gained anything from making everyone else happy? In the end it’s just Me. I didn’t get anything at all. So what is the purpose of just living to make others happy?

If there is something then great, you are indeed living the life. Otherwise do think over your plans and style, because at the end of the day except for that temporary happiness you haven’t gained anything and you won’t gain anything also because you keep letting others have everything. And no I am not asking anyone to listen to me or just be selfish ,I am just saying don’t always put down your needs because there will come a day when you regret everything you gave up and wondered where you will be if you had acted differently. And Regret is not something anyone wants.

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