Trip to Paradise


This is just a dream which was noted down.

She has always wanted to see my hometown. For years she used to go on about visiting it, seeing the environment I grew up in and experiencing the culture. I for one, thought it to be a pointless venture. There was nothing for us in that forsaken area. I never liked it, there were no horrible incidents but neither was there any pleasant ones. It was just a town.

Time won, I lost. As years went by, we found ourselves to be on a bus headed to my hometown. I still don’t get why I agreed to this, maybe I just wanted to see her smile. There were others on the bus, their destinations were unknown to me, irrelevant . We got off the bus at our stop.

Where do we head from here? I couldn’t believe that I was actually unprepared for this. Being clueless was indeed painful. I could feel her warm hand in mine. I spotted a crowd near a café. It seemed like they were waiting for it to open. Judging by the number of people, it did look like a popular place. It was in an unimpressive building, yet hard to miss with the bright green paint and the menu kept on display for every passerby to see. The menu looked like a blackboard yet it kept changing from time to time. The inside of the cafe looked customary. Why the popularity then?I felt her tug my hand. I looked and smiled at her. It’s all for her.

I spotted a familiar friendly face in between all the commotion. Seeing him, we decided to go ahead to the café and right then it was open for business. After clearing the initial generic pleasantries, I realised that we were getting way more attention than I anticipated. I could hear whispers about us. One set of eyes stood out among the unfriendly bunch. I could sense the hostility. I warned her about this, she suggested it might be my usual paranoia. We proceeded to order something light and leave this area.

I didn’t hear him approach. I was dragged from the chair by the strong hand gripping my shoulder. It was the same guy who stood out, the same one who made it clear that he loathed me for no reason. He barked at me that I had no business there and I now have to vanish.He was well built, muscles which seemed as if it would explode any moment.In fact he seemed like an experiment which didn’t go wrong. I could come up with no reason to justify his behaviour towards me. It’s not logical. Everything has to be logical, doesn’t it?
I tried begging, but he didn’t listen. His entourage was behind him, sneering at me, cheering for him to make it as messy as possible. Why? Why isn’t there any logic?
Skin parted on my arm, the veins merged into one, one jab and I found his heart. So small. So vulnerable. The flash of surprise on his face, the terror that appeared when he sensed that this isn’t even death, this is the journey to the void. I definitely made a mistake not coming earlier and postponing this trip, it’s been an aeon since I had such pleasure.

Where is she? Isn’t she worried? She should be. She has to be. I felt the dart pierce me. This was enchanted. An elaborate setup. How wonderful. Where are the people? I could feel the darkness rushing towards me, all I could see was the little bright orange leaf with a mystical glow near my mouth. It transformed into a little fairy. I couldn’t help but giggle. This was definitely not anticipated, my death should have been less dramatic and  more gritty.

” Your time isn’t up, consume me “.

I opened my hand.

Where is She? I miss her hand.

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  • A very well written story which manages to grip the interest of the reader till the end, leaving you to conclude your own outcome. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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