Pain. As each day passed he seemed to believe that pain makes one stronger. In every story, one got stronger by embracing the pain. There seems to be no hero who didn’t have to suffer. Even the Gods seemed to have some kind of tragic story involving pain. Doesn’t this mean that pain is good? As he wondered, he became sure that this was to be his path. He will show the world, everyone, who mocked him and questioned him. He embraced it. There was no need to look for any alternatives. He just had to accept the pain. There were moments that he learnt to smile while injuries were sustained because he was sure that he is conquering it all.

Dear ones told him to share his woes. They were worried about him. He rebuked all their efforts, after all, they were just hindrances to him. He became more withdrawn from others.He often wondered why they didn’t understand his plans, it was pellucid according to him. As he looked at the world, he realised how much he loathed it. He wanted to break away from it. Was he actually gaining anything from all these actions or was he actually losing?

As months passed by, he realised it wasn’t enough. This was a fight he had to win. Maybe more pain will help. Everyone’s revulsion towards him did push him further towards his goal. He would ensure that he emerges victorious no matter, he had sacrificed so much. He had to conquer hos greatest fear. This was the hardest task, his will was strong. He looked at the beauty of the piece, it was truly a masterpiece. The fine edges went through the nerves like a heated knife through butter. No resistance, and he smiled. He looked the dark red blood covering his hands, his laughter became more ravenous. ” Why stop now ?” . He was enjoying this. He slashed through his body like a maniac. Is this what everything was for? He felt amazing. He could see the darkness coming for him. This is what it means to be strong? He smiled as the knife fell out of his hand, he felt the darkness welcoming him. Comfort.


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