iFart- A new Beginning

I am pretty excited to say that the site is ready. I have given a small introduction and all those blah blah stuff in this page , which I think you should simply go glance through. Although it may seem a bit easy to do all this, for me it wasn’t. I did have to think and redo things because I am new to all this.  I am sure most of you are wondering why I chose this particular domain name – well I couldn’t think of anything else. See that’s the answer. Before I go on I have show my gratitude towards a few people who helped me in with this (there is no particular order) :-

Kishan Gor – For clearing my doubts and giving me the idea for the domain.

Chandu -My awesome buddy who used his sister’s bank details to buy me this domain

Abhijoy Sarkar – Even though he meant it as a joke, he gave me the whole “fart” idea

Karan Raj Baruah – Even though I don’t know him much, he suggested the host (Free one, BTW feel free to buy a paid one)

Karan Sharma – For suggesting hosts + clearing a few doubts.


As for the site, I don’t know what I am going to post or anything as of now but I shall post at least once in a week. Also as of now there are no plans to put ads or anything and even if I do it will only be to get little money to pay for a better host.

If there are any issues or suggestions please do get in touch.


Since I have to post some picture,here is one
Since I have to post some picture,here is one

Lost engineering student who loves to unleash the imagination by traveling to the fantasy medieval relams through texts printed on binded paper. Technology peaks my curiosity and interest, human behavior puzzles me, life annoys me.

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