Get 50 GB on your Box account.

Firstly I am not a professional blogger nor do I claim myself to be good. I don’t intend to write with maturity or like I am getting paid. I do this because I like typing like this and it helps me kill time. Moving on-


Even though Box is not as popular as dropbox its still a good cloud service for file management. Recently they had a promotion for Xperia line of devices and was offering 50GB for all Xperia users.  Similarly now they have an offer for LG android phone users. So if you have an LG Android users then just download Box app and just login.

For others to get this you will need to have rooted Android phone. If you do then follow the instructions.

1. Open file manager (like Root Explorer) , & Navigate to ‘Root’ > ‘System’

  • There is a file called Build.Prop there

2. Backup Build.prop

  • COPY & paste to another location you wont forget, either on SD Card or in Box account

3. Open Build.prop and find 2 certain lines

  • ro.product.model=*****
  • ro.product.manufacturer= ******

4. Change the values after  ‘=’ to the ones given below

  • ro.product.model=LG-P999
  • ro.product.manufacturer=LGE

5. Save build.prop after changing the values

6. Restart Device

7. Open Box app and login to your account.

8. Once your account is upgraded then open Build.prop and change the values back to the original ones or just replace the file with the one you have backed up.

9. Restart your phone again.


If you don’t want to do all that, then go here and follow the instructions, the author of the thread will do it for you. You just have to change your password temporarily and PM your email address.  (Thank him after you are done)

[box type=”warning”] Do it at your own risk. No one is responsible if your device breaks down,explodes,gets stolen or you lose some important data and you get fired etc etc[/box]

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