First Day

Yes, the title is very short but I am sure most of you must have guessed what’s it about for those of you who haven’t – I am just going to tell about how my first day of college went. In short HORRIBLE. But one fact that I noticed that everyone hated it. I joined Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering.

My day started by me getting into a Volvo bus to college, for some mysteriously awesome reason I reached one time to discover that there are a few of classmates (from 11-12 grade)in the college as well as a few school friends but unfortunately none for my course( Information Science). I sat with someone from college(12th/11th one) , to my surprise he loves beer and is a total alcoholic add that to the fact that he had an amazingly hot girl and that he is a lead guitarist in a famous metal band(college level). Oh wait He is a dick. This dude prevented me from interacting to almost everyone in class because for him they were too lame ( Yes you can blame me for listening to him etc). I, did listen to him because I was nervous – my class has a majority of folks from north India and they were speaking fluently in Hindi, also I am being rude and making a huge assumption that their English is not strong and hence might feel intimidated (I have seen a lot of people going through this). This resulted in me sitting with this dickhead till lunch break. For some awesome reason a guy called “Sam” came and spoke to us but my dickhead friend   associate told hi “Cya” and mad him go away. I was totally perplexed by this rude behaviour still I went with him. During lunch break I figured out that there is one beauty in my class and I was dying to speak to her. She was like mind blowing + gorgeous. But for him she was lame. Why because she is not from Bangalore so she is lame. And even though I asked him to tag along with me he didn’t and I chickened out.

Thing took a turn when we were separated for CAD class and then I spoke to some girl who was sitting next to me – I also had the opportunity to help her out at various occasions. Although she didn’t speak much it made me happy. I then found Sam and spoke to him for sometime. I also spoke to some dude from Jharkhand and some Bihari guy. Both of them were nice chaps. This made me happy and hence I shall go sit with someone else tomorrow and also shall talk to the beautiful lady even if she is too good for me.

Since I had CAD labs I had to go back home alone as everyone else I knew who stays close to my area had left. This meant I had to take a bus alone. Fortunately Google Now already was ready with routes to go home. One thing which is wrong with me is that I can’t travel in normal buses I only go by Volvo and this was my first time going alone. After buying a coke I saw a bus (  the one I am supposed to go in) and I ran behind it and got in and sat like a boss. After a few minutes I realized it was going in the wrong direction and one nice passenger told me it’s not going where I want it to go and then BAM! the conductor and driver started abusing me. I just got down and had to walk back. Apparently it was coming from my destination (not going) and then I waited and waited and waited….

Then I remembered myself telling how I hate this culture here where people don’ talk to others and stuff in a bus and I spoke to the guy next to me who was waiting in the depot. Turns out he was also waiting for the same bus and that he is a techie. This guy prevented me from cracking up there. We spoke for like an hour or so and then the bus arrived. And that was another experience. After a few stops it was totally crowded and people couldn’t even turn around. Everyone was busy listening to music or just staring at aunties. The crowd just got bigger and bigger and finally I felt like a king because I had a nice window seat and some guy who was interested in talking about Apple /Samsung patent wars and Nokia and bitching about blackberries. We both didn’t ask each other names but I do know what he does,where he is from, how he met his girl and that he wishes to marry her and how he loves simple phones.

After another hour ( its 7:30 and my college got over at 5) I got down and just took an auto and reached home. What’s the pint of reading through all this ? I don’t know . But it did feel good to note down my experience somewhere. The sweetness might be lost through my boring language but I know one day when I read this I will smile and memories will be revived.


Lost engineering student who loves to unleash the imagination by traveling to the fantasy medieval relams through texts printed on binded paper. Technology peaks my curiosity and interest, human behavior puzzles me, life annoys me.

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