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By this time it’s quite obvious that I am terrible at coming up with appropriate yet catchy titles. So if anyone is interested in making catchy titles for me then kindly send me your resume.

A personal incident provoked me to write this, for those of you who don’t know – I am terrible in my academics, that guy in the class who is just not supposed to be there. * clears throat *  What struck me recently is how WE look at people who have failed in a test or one who constantly fails in exams. I am talking about every category here, including the ones who don’t study or just goof around, to the ones who try hard to get better scores. We make them pity figures, mock them, call them stupid, treat them like they are mentally retarded. Wouldn’t it be better if we think about them for a few seconds before passing the Gauntlet of Judgement on them? Consider that they might have their own reasons for this poor results? Some might not be able to grasp everything, some might not be interested and would have wanted to do something else with their lives, some might just have given up because it has reached a point where everyone has accepted that he/she isn’t capable of doing any better and should just give up.

Moreover, why do people cast out the person who failed in some test? Do we base our relationships on such shallow grounds? I have failed in exams, so much that my parents usually ask me ” How many did you pass in?”. But one thing that kept me going is how some people have treated me, my friends have helped me and still do even though I haven’t even asked them to. But my world isn’t full of rainbows, care bears and chocolate fountains either –  my parents treat me like I am a hopeless case who shouldn’t do anything other than study, even if it helps my resume I am not supposed to do it. All I should think about is marks; how long will society be like this, where everything is judged and based on some marks?

If you are a parent or ever become one, and if your kid/s fail in some exams, be a bit more understanding, I am not telling you not to be strict or to push them in the right direction, but give them some breathing space instead of greeting them with ” Don’t you have something to study?”

If your friend is poor in academics then try to help that person instead of asking ” Will you pass this time?” right after the exam and grinning. I am sure most of them have lots of things going on without you making it harder.

I don’t think failing in an exam is something that one should be so ashamed of that they have to resort to lying to hide it, people screw up, make mistakes all the time. Why have we made it such that people contemplate suicide and create a web of lies to hide this? Shouldn’t it be something where people can open up and ask for help and motivation? Instead, society brings them down and humiliates them. I know it’s their future which is at stake, but we have made it into a scenario where that person doesn’t even want to have a future…


Lost engineering student who loves to unleash the imagination by traveling to the fantasy medieval relams through texts printed on binded paper. Technology peaks my curiosity and interest, human behavior puzzles me, life annoys me.

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