My Xiaomi Mi4 Adventure


It’s been a bit more than a year since I have been using the Mi4 by Xiaomi. I am going to write about my experience with the product since people are reluctant to trust the brand which might be helpful for someone confused about reaching an opinion. This isn’t a review of the phone. A Hot Phone. After a few weeks of usage and losing the excitement of the new device I realised that...

Trip to Paradise


This is just a dream which was noted down. She has always wanted to see my hometown. For years she used to go on about visiting it, seeing the environment I grew up in and experiencing the culture. I for one, thought it to be a pointless venture. There was nothing for us in that forsaken area. I never liked it, there were no horrible incidents but neither was there any pleasant ones. It was just...

Who are You living for?


I have always wondered,by whose standard and for whom do we all live for? Try asking that question and see what’s the answer you get. If it’s “Me”, “Myself”, “God” or “Cats/Unicorns” then I have nothing else to tell and you should make better use of your time than continuing to read this post ( Buy an Indie Game from Steam).   But...


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