Let’s Talk Modular


           After the announcement of Project Ara, modular phones have gained more attention. The concept of modular phones is very simple- a modular device is a phone, tablet or another device where individual components such as the screen, camera, CPU, battery, memory can be removed by the user and replaced by others with a different specification. This means that phones could get even...

Mummy I want a Startup


Humans tend to be inspired easily and love to just follow others without much thought. We are also living in the phase of humanity where we tend to be obsessed with extremely silly concepts. My friend had told me that the year  2015 was ” The Year Of Getting Offended” in our country, just like that we are in the startup phase. I also realised this is going to be really hard for me to...

Adieu Dota


Day 3 It’s been three days since I removed the game which became an essential part of my daily life, something that had to be given time to no matter how busy, tired I was. Unlike many of the games I have played during my short life, Dota 2 has taken up most of my time –  more than 1600 hours. It all started with a beta key for the game and then it sucked me in like no game has ever...

[Giveaway] Origin codes of the Humble Origin Bundle


So I have acquired the Humble Origin Bundle which is an amazing deal for the money. But I realized I don’t need the Origin serial codes as I will never download it and then download the games, so I decided to give those keys away to someone who can’t acquire the bundle for some reason. So just leave a comment if you want it and I will send you the code for whatever game from the...


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