Stout and Internet Men

  I love the feeling I get when people ask me how I know people from all over the country, I guess the fact that a person who hasn’t ventured away from South India having a friend in Bhopal or in Guwahati isn’t something that is easily comprehended. I was really excited when I got the news that Kush and Dhavan were coming to Bangalore. After all these years I could finally associate their online personality to a real one,

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Mummy I want a Startup

Humans tend to be inspired easily and love to just follow others without much thought. We are also living in the phase of humanity where we tend to be obsessed with extremely silly concepts. My friend had told me that the year  2015 was ” The Year Of Getting Offended” in our country, just like that we are in the startup phase. I also realised this is going to be really hard for me to format into an acceptable manner.

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Sun, Waves and Me

“Create pictures that will make you regret not remembering those moments” – George.   It’s during college days that most beings go explore the world and by the time they graduate they would have probably seen a handful of mainstream areas with a few small gems thrown in here and there. I am a person who craves minimum attention but at the same time strives to be unique, which is indeed a hard task. But I did manage to find

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” Every being has its dark side”; I tend to believe that there is a dark side to everyone and by dark, I am not referring to a psychopath or a sadistic personality trait. Our country has created an image where women aren’t safe and are prone to being harassed. From what I could gather from various Reddit comments in multiple threads, India is just a vile country filled with desperate men.       A few days back, I happened to

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Second Chatper

A lot of people we meet in our lives never get a second shot at life, most of them have one chance. I am among the extremely fortunate ones who has been blessed with another chance. Quite a number of people to whom I have disclosed certain incidents in my life has told me that it is indeed interesting and worth writing about, it was what gave me a push to writing, other reason being the fact that this serves

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