I really have no idea what to tell about myself, but I guess this is a necessary page in every site/blog.

Who am I ?

Well,  my name is George and currently doing engineering and being the stereotype.

Why are you doing all this ?

I don’t have a specific reason, but I can list out some factors which made me make so much

  • I am on the last week of my 5-month vacation
  • Most of my friends are busy
  • Saw almost every movie and anime I wanted to see
  • I can’t play PC games for more than an hour or two every day
  • I like to WordPress and I like to write out stuff at times sometimes out of frustration.
  • I had some extra bucks so I bought a domain( always wanted to own one)


 Why iFart ?

Well, no particular reason, I find the name funny, couldn’t think of anything else. I did ask a lot of people for alternatives, but none appealed me so much like iFart.

 Do I have to see that weird farting logo with that sentence below it all the time ?

Yes. I don’t have many skills with all this and it took me hours to do that much unless someone gives me something better and smaller you all are stuck with it.

Not anymore. Now it’s a farting unicorn.

 I love you, and would like to show you my appreciation. How can I do this ?

Buy me stuff from my Flipkart wishlist or just buy me a beer or just anything. Or sponsor hosting 🙂 Although I have no idea why anyone will do that. Hosting would be an ideal form of appreciation

How do I get in touch with (stalk) you ?

There are links to my Twitter and Facebook profile thrown around here and there on the site, click them.




If you have WOT  addon then kindly give me a green rating in every field. If you don’t have then download it -Very useful

Lost engineering student who loves to unleash the imagination by traveling to the fantasy medieval relams through texts printed on binded paper. Technology peaks my curiosity and interest, human behavior puzzles me, life annoys me.

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"Unicorns who drink beer reach Valhalla and get knighted by Odin"-Lost Chronicler