Nexus 7(2013) Review

Got a new Nexus 7, here is my take on it and how it's display made me fall in love with it. Read more

[Giveaway] Origin codes of the Humble Origin Bundle

So I have acquired the Humble Origin Bundle which is an amazing deal for the money. But I realized I don't need the Origin serial codes as I will never download it and then download the games, so I decided to give those keys away to someone who can't acquire the bundle for some reason. So just leave a comment if you want it and I will send you the code for whatever game from the bundle you asked for. But if you can buy it then do so as they need the money or you have the option to  give it to charity. Available Games Dead Space Dead Space 3 Populus Command and Conquer : Red Alert Read more

No Communication

I am not at all good at coming up with titles and I know that titles play a major role but hey! I am just not cut out for the title thing or the content. So I was talking to my mom and realized that she isn't in touch with any of her friends. Why? Well at her age people were just married off and telephones weren't common and the popular way to keep in touch was through letters. Now imagine that from the typical Indian woman's perspective  who is a housewife and not living in a city. So you are just married off after your education and at times to some  place which is quite far away from home. Read more

My View On- Google's Android Based Console

So almost every site is reporting and creating posts about the possibilities about the rumours of Google working on an Android based console, so even I shall add my opinion. I am skeptical about it. Why?   Will Casual Gamers actually buy a console to play android games with a controller?    As far as I am aware most of the games for Android are casual games which you play to kill time when you are commuting or  studying.  I can only think of Modern Combat and some games developed by EA which have some extra ordinary graphics and also is hard to play without a controller, Read more

Mad World - Gary Jules

I came across this song at the ending of Donnie Darko .  And I absolutely loved it, even though the song can be a bit sad it’s still beautiful.

And I shared it here to see how the embedded video will look ;)