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Adieu Dota

February 15, 2015

Day 3

It’s been three days since I removed the game which became an essential part of my daily life, something that had to be given time to no matter how busy, tired I was. Unlike many of the games I have played during my short life, Dota 2 has taken up most of my time –  more than 1600 hours. It all started with a beta key for the game and then it sucked me in like no game has ever done before.

For the uninitiated, I shall give you some insight. Dota belongs to the MOBA (  Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) genre. It’s complex and will take around 60 hours for someone to learn the basics of the game. The objective is simple – destroy the enemy stronghold along with your 4 team mates before the enemy team destroys yours. Like I said objective is simple but the game isn’t. I have never come across a game where there are so many things to calculate take into consideration.

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[Giveaway] Origin codes of the Humble Origin Bundle

August 25, 2013

So I have acquired the Humble Origin Bundle which is an amazing deal for the money. But I realized I don’t need the Origin serial codes as I will never download it and then download the games, so I decided to give those keys away to someone who can’t acquire the bundle for some reason. So just leave a comment if you want it and I will send you the code for whatever game from the bundle you asked for. But if you can buy it then do so as they need the money or you have the option to  give it to charity.
Available Games

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No Communication

July 8, 2013

I am not at all good at coming up with titles and I know that titles play a major role but hey! I am just not cut out for the title thing or the content.

So I was talking to my mom and realized that she isn’t in touch with any of her friends. Why? Well at her age people were just married off and telephones weren’t common and the popular way to keep in touch was through letters. Now imagine that from the typical Indian woman’s perspective  who is a housewife and not living in a city. So you are just married off after your education and at times to some  place which is quite far away from home. I really feel sad for my mom in that way. She doesn’t have any way to get in touch with her friends as it’s too late. We all have friends to bitch about our sad events and everything to. But what about those who doesn’t ? Is life fair that way ? I am sure all of us have stuff/secrets which we won’t share with anyone other than our best friend but what about the people who don’t have that best friend? I am not talking about my mom here, I know about people who doesn’t have any friends. I never thought that was possible, I might not be the guy with the best socializing skills but I am not so bad at it either, so the whole possibility of a person not having a friend never even took place in my head.

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My View On- Google’s Android Based Console

June 29, 2013

So almost every site is reporting and creating posts about the possibilities about the rumours of Google working on an Android based console, so even I shall add my opinion. I am skeptical about it. Why?


Will Casual Gamers actually buy a console to play android games with a controller? 


As far as I am aware most of the games for Android are casual games which you play to kill time when you are commuting or  studying.  I can only think of Modern Combat and some games developed by EA which have some extra ordinary graphics and also is hard to play without a controller, other than most of the games are fun because it’s touch based. I wouldn’t play Angry Birds,Plague Inc, Fruit Ninja or  Rayman Jungle Run on a controller because it’s the touch based controls which makes it interesting and fun. So will these audience actually buy a console to play them on a TV?

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